5 Best Sienna Miller Movies

The five best Sienna Miller movies aren’t necessarily well-known, but they present an actress who’s shown she can play just about any role with aplomb. It doesn’t hurt that Miller has sex appeal in spades coupled with an Every Girl aesthetic that makes her the perfect fit for any type of character.

  1. “Casanova” Taking her turn with a role in a classic story, this Sienna Miller movie stars Miller as Francesca, the only woman with whom the promiscuous title character is falling in love. She’s a fierce defender of women’s rights, publishing books under two separate men’s names while avoiding her mother’s nudges to marry for wealth. Miller’s performance proves to the be perfect counterpart to Casanova’s seductive, womanizing ways.
  2. “Interview” Miller is Katya, a soap opera star who agrees to be interviewed by Pierre Peders (Steve Buscemi), a political journalist whose career has seen better days. The interview takes wild twists and turns, the first of which is the two of them ending up at Katya’s apartment after Pierre is hurt in a car accident. From there, the interview teases the audience with the idea that perhaps there’s more to their newfound relationship. Both actors give great performances in this Sienna Miller movie, which was also directed by Buscemi.
  3. “Layer Cake” One of the most renowned Sienna Miller movies for her role as a sexy gangster girlfriend (and the outfits she wears), “Layer Cake” is an excellent British gangster film with standout performances all around, including Miller's. She’s believable as the sultry vixen who can’t stop from chasing the bad boys.
  4. “Alfie” (2004) This Sienna Miller movie shows her playing the nearly bipolar, mood-swinging Nikki, the live-in girlfriend of Alfie (Jude Law). Miller is wild and eccentric in this role and captures the screen every time she appears. So well-done is her performance that she appears on many promotional stills for the film despite only appearing in a quarter of the film.
  5. “Factory Girl” (2006) “Factory Girl” is a Sienna Miller movie that tells the real-life tale of Edie Sedgwick, a model and muse to Andy Warhol during the 1960’s. Miller captivates with this role, earning rave reviews for her intense portrayal of the drug and alcohol-abusing Sedgwick. More than that, however, Miller shows the sensitive and troubled side of an underground icon that is the highlight of the movie.


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