5 Best Silicon Sex Dolls

The 5 best silicon sex dolls are created for the man that crave interaction with a women without the hang-ups. Many of the silicon sex dolls come with squeezable breasts and other areas to create a more realistic feel. Many of these sex dolls come seamless, they are better quality than the cheaper sex dolls made mainly for parties and gag gifts. The prices of these dolls can range from a few hundred dollars to over $800.

  1. CyboOrgasMatrix Dolls. These dolls make the top of list for silicon based playmates. They can come is the whole body or just a torso the choice is yours. Their breasts come large, curvaceous and soft to the touch. These dolls feel so real that you may not the miss a real women even if you had one.
  2. Natalie – Full Body Silicone Love Doll. Her full size body feels realistic making her the perfect companion. You can even customize your sex doll by choosing her skin tone and ethnicity, eye color, hair color, pubic hair color (you can even choose to have none) and you can choose the texture of the vaginal and anal insertion point from smooth to ribbed.
  3. Hustler Virtual Girl Life Size Love Doll. Your virtual girl is created with a foam silicone blend, so that she is lightweight and durable. If you like it rough then their are no worries she can handle almost anything you can dish out. Thanks to Cyberskin, her skin provides a soft human-like feel.
  4. Nicole – Head and Torso Silicone Love Doll. Your Nicole sex doll is made from solid silicone. Her breasts are fill with a softer gel so that they can contour to your exact shape during breast play. Just like the Natalie doll she too is fully customizable.
  5. Natalie – Head and Torso Silicone Love Doll. Much like her full body sister sex doll she offer a realistic feel and is fully customizable to meet your particular taste and fetish. Her breasts are filled with a silicone based gel so that they have full jiggly feel as well as her butt. She is easy to clean and is resistant to rips and tears.
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