5 Best Simon Cowell Quotes

Simon Cowell has made a career and loads of money out of insulting people; as a tribute to the King of Mean himself, here are the 5 best Simon Cowell quotes.

  1. Bad singing a legal matter? In an earlier season of American Idol, one hopeful was bad enough in her audition that Simon had this to say: " Are you taking singing lessons? Who’s your teacher? Do You have a Lawyer? Get a lawyer and sue her."
  2. X/Y Factor? Simon Cowell doesn't stop at criticizing people's singing; he also has something to say about the appearance of contestants. Few know this better than the female contestant on X-factor who received this commentary: "You look like a man dressed as a woman."
  3. Call PETA! One American Idol audition was so bad that the word bad just wouldn't do. Fortunately Simon Cowell was there with a description of exactly how it sounded. "You sound like a cat in a vacuum cleaner. Dreadful." 
  4. The Bush Baby Incident:  Likely the most viewer complaints Simon Cowell has ever received about a single comment. When a wall-eyed, unibrowed young man by the name of Kenneth Briggs auditioned for Idol Simon again went after a contestants physical appearance with a comment some felt went to far. "Your dancing is terrible, the singing was horrendous, and you look like one of those creatures that live in the jungle with those massive eyes. What are they called? Bush babies."
  5. Worst Singer in the World: Another infamous American Idol moment; Simon had previously told someone that he was the worst singer in America, but that could not compare to the performance of a young possibly mentally ill man by the name of Keith. After an awkward yet strangely appropriate cover of "like a virgin" Simon Cowell crushed Keith's dreams of stardom when he said "You are possibly the worst singer in the world."  



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