5 Best Singers On ‘American Idol’ 2010

Although the American public voted for its overall winner, it was a close call between the 5 best singers on ‘American idol’ 2010. Drawing in millions of viewers a week, the television show gave exposure some truly great musical talent.

  1. Lee Dewyze. The winner of "American Idol" 2010. Lee’s gravelly vocal style and strong personality shone through to make him one of the best singers on ‘American Idol’ 2010. His unforgettable version of  Simon and Garfunkel's classic, "The Boxer" was one of the stand out moments on the show.
  2. Crystal Bowersox. One of the show’s true original talents, Crystal’s flawless delivery made her one of the best singers on "American Idol" 2010. Her ability to make every song her own made her a favorite with the audience.
  3. Casey James. The blonde haired Texan was a crowd favorite. His bluesy vocals added a soulful touch to his performances and made him one of the best singers on "American Idol" 2010. His version of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" won him praise from the critics and was part of the reason he made it into the top three.
  4. Mike Lynche. Beneath the massive frame lied the heart of a true artist. His interpretations of songs like “A Woman’s Worth” and “Ready For Love” made him one of the best singers on "American Idol" 2010 and one of the most exciting.
  5. Siobhan Magnus. Siobhan’s unique dress sense matched her vocal talents. Her soaring range and dramatic vocal style made her one of the best singers on "American Idol" 2010.



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