5 Best Single Handed Yachts For Ocean

The 5 best single handed yachts for ocean sailing are all yachts that have a few things in common. They are steered by one man and are used primarily in reference to both long-distance sailing as well as ocean sailing, especially when the sailing is of a competitive nature. The term single handed actually refers to a member of a ship's crew. So in the term single handed, that would mean one man is all that is required to steer the yacht. Single handed yachts are generally used to sail longer distances over multiple days; such voyages are normally pursued with a crew of more than one person.

  1. Sweden Yacht 42. This single handed yacht for the ocean is outfitted with the most superb systems and gear. With a cockpit that is made for space and comfort, the Sweden Yacht 42 also features an interior that is very luxurious, but does not distract you from top-notch sailing and yachting.
  2. Sweden Yacht 54. The Sweden Yacht 54 is billed by the company as the single handed performance cruiser because of its ability to be sailed without the need for a large crew. A medium-sized, single handed yacht, the Sweden Yacht 54 is created for reduced weight, but heightened power and speed, all thanks to its vinylester and carbon fiber construction.
  3. Beneteau 34 Yacht. A single handed yacht from maker Beneteau, this craft is made for couples or small families who enjoy the joy of single handed sailing. Built by tough standards, the Beneteau 34 is made to excel especially under some of the ocean's most erratic weather.
  4. Ionic Yacht 48. This single handed yacht is Ionic's contribution to the single handed yacht for oceans group. Light on the helm and at a length of almost fifteen meters, the Ionic 48 comes with a carbon mast with swept back spreaders.
  5. Sweden Yacht 45. The Sweden Yacht 45 is a single handed yacht for the ocean that features a self-tacking jib for single handed sailing and short tacking. Its inside was built to symbolize the renowned Nordic light.



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