5 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

The five best sit on top fishing kayaks exist to combine your love of two of the most enjoyable pastimes in the whole world: fishing and kayaking. These sit on top kayaks are flexible, lightweight, agile and yet sturdy enough to allow you to take a break from kayaking and wait for some fish to bite the line. If fishing and kayaking are your great loves, then you really ought to buy yourself a sit on top fishing kayak.

  1. Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident fifteen Angler Sit-On-Top Recreational Fishing Kayak With Rudder. From Ocean Kayak, this sit on top fishing kayak takes the one spot on account of its Sonar Shield storage compartment. Said compartment protects your fish finder from splashing waves and from the rigors of transport. It also comes with a screen that you can pop up to use as protection from the glare when trying to read the fish finder screen.
  2. Bic Trinidad Fishing 11.9 Sit On Top Kayak 2010. Bic's entry in the sit on top fishing kayak market makes a refreshing splash because of its reserve buoyancy, reserve grab lines, and integrated footrests. It earns the number two position because it is outfitted with a special hull shape that makes it likelier that you have successful fishing trips. It also comes with watertight hatches.
  3. Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Sit-On-Top Kayak. Wilderness System's sit-on-top fishing kayak is perfect for fishing because of its special construction. You can actually stand up and cast your fishing line because of how stable it is, and that is due to its pontoon-like hull, its canoe-like built, and its general wideness.
  4. Islander Tropic Recreational Kayak. This type of fishing kayak comes in at number four because of its very economical and affordable price. In addition, it is quite compact at only nine feet in length and 36 pounds in weight. If you ever find yourself on a calm lake or cove and want to fish while on your kayak, this is the model to do it in.
  5. Pelican Castaway 130 Sit On Top Fishing Kayak. This sit on top fishing kayak from Pelican Castaway tops out at thirteen feet and features both adjustable footrests as well as backrests. Due to its flush mount rod holders, this fishing kayak enables you the exact setup you need in order to pursue most any fish. The Pelican Castaway is also a moderately priced kayak.
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