5 Best Skateboard Brands

Whether you’re an experienced skater or a beginner looking to learn how to tear up the street, it helps to know the five best skateboard brands before building the ideal ride. Even though most boards appear similar, other than their elaborate graphics, the construction and durability of skateboard gear varies from brand to brand. Having the best skateboard not only helps with learning, but prevents unnecessary spills and accidents from shoddy gear breaking while attempting a trick, or cruising down the sidewalk.

  1. Zero. Strong, durable, and reliable gear makes this Carlsbad, California company the best skateboard brand available. Although many skaters have their personal preferences, it’s difficult to argue with an award-winning skateboard manufacturer.
  2. Plan B. Beefy, yet lightweight seven-ply decks helped them build their stellar reputation. They also produce bearings, wheels, and any other types of essential skateboarding gear to get you started.
  3. Girl. Known for strong seven-ply construction with stripped down, basic graphics, these decks are some of the best and most popular around. This skateboard brand also encompasses a number of other companies, including Royal Trucks, Lakai Shoes, and Chocolate Skateboards to ensure every skater’s needs are met.  
  4. Habitat. Owned by the larger Alien Workshop brand, this earthy, environmental influenced skateboard company is picking up speed and credibility with their variety of innovative boards. Not only do they produce regular seven-ply decks, but Habitat builds the Skylite and corrugated bottom boards for reduced friction and light as a feather construction to keep you soaring over handrails and down staircases.  
  5. Element. This brand seems to have its hands in everything, manufacturing quality equipment, gear, shoes and clothing for skateboarding enthusiasts across the globe. Drawing insane amounts of attention, Element remains one of the best and most accessible companies available today.
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