5 Best Skateboarding Crew Names

What are the 5 best skateboarding crew names? Skateboarding has a history of being a visually pleasing art form. From the early days of the 1970s and continuing on into the future, the members of the skateboarding community have had the best names of any organized, team oriented sports. Being imaginative with insane moves, personas, and visuals, no other sport has incorporated graffiti, clothing style, and photographic imagery as skateboarding has. Here are 5 of the best skateboarding crew names that have carried the torch into the future.

  1. Zephyr Skate Team. Formed in the early 1970s by Jeff Ho, Skip Engblom, and Craig Stecyk, Zephyr is possibly the best and most well known skateboard crew name that ever existed. Nathan Pratt was the first “Z-Boy” hired to work at the surfboard shop that the three friends owned. Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta joined in 1974 and became the most popular. Zephyr team members wore the blue shirts with the white Zephyr logo as badges of honor.
  2. Bones Brigade. Stacy Peralta from Z-Boys fame founded the Bones Brigade with George Powell in 1978. Almost the best skateboard crew names synonymous with the Zephyr Skate Team. The most popular skater in the group was a future pro skater Tony Hawk. A skeleton riding a skateboard was their calling card.
  3. Hosoi Skates. Started in 1984 by Christian Hosoi, a half-Asian and half-Hawaiian superstar skater. Hosoi Skates is one of the best skateboard crew names due to the flamboyant leader that ruled the skateboard world in the 1980s. The rising sun logo was the image of Hosoi skates in honor of Hosoi's heritage.
  4. Birdhouse. One of the most unique and best skateboard crew names, began in 1992 by Bones Brigade members Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. Birdhouse features a mechanical looking bird as their logo.
  5. Alva Skates. At the age of nineteen, Tony Alva, a founding member of the Zephyr Skate Team, started Alva Skates. His last name ALVA is the logo that scrapes across skateboards across the world. Alva Skates is one of the best skateboarding crew names due to the respect the name has in the skateboarding industry.
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