5 Best Skateboarding Movies

Relive your skateboarding glory with our 5 best skateboarding movies. It seems that good skateboarding movies come in two varieties: teenage cheese and bio-pics. The best of the teenage cheese skateboarding movies will send you careening back to the days of wreck-less youth, when the only things that mattered were your skateboard, your friends and mastering the sickest tricks on your block. Leaving you sitting on your sofa saying "I can do that" and resisting the urge to dig your skateboard out of the garage and see if you still have the moves. A good skateboarding bio-pic shines the harsh light of awesome on the men and women that took skateboarding from backyard swimming pools and wedged it into the brains of the world of sports.

  1. "Gleaming the Cube" (1989). One of the last great teen films of the 1980's, this skateboarding movie is also one of the last awesome things that Christian Slater did before beginning his slow decent into obscurity. "Gleaming the Cube" didn't rake in the bucks when it was originally released, but thanks to late night cable TV and cameos by Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerreo and Christian Jacobs, this skateboarding movie has become a cult classic.
  2. "Lords of Dogtown" (2005).The skateboarding bio-pic that chronicles the rise and fall of the "Z-Boys," the skateboarding team that spawned skate legends Tony Peralta, Tony Alva, and Jay Adams. Instead of keeping the focus on skating tricks, this skateboarding movie focuses more on the relationships between the guys that would become skating gods and how fame and money eventually tore the once tight-knit crew apart. It also makes you long for the days when skating in empty swimming pools was the coolest thing ever.
  3. "Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator" (2002). Helen Stickler directed this skateboarding movie that documents the life and times of Mark "Gator" Rogowski. It follows Gator's rise to skateboarding fortune and glory throughout the 80's then his downward spiral into alcohol and drug addiction culminating in his conviction for rape and murder. This one gets a bit heavy in some places but it is definitely worth watching.
  4. "Grind" (2003). A teen-themed skateboarding movie about a group of high school kids that start their own skateboarding team in hopes of getting notice by the big time. It gets to be a bit formulaic in places, but the cameos from Bam Mangeria, Ryan Shecker and Guillermo Aguilar make it worth watching. We had completely forgotten that Bam made his living as a pro-skater until we ran across this movie.
  5. "Dogtown and Z-Boys" (2001). Centering on the legendary 70's skateboarding team known as "Zephyr," the movie is made up of archival footage shot when "Zephyr" was at the height of their popularity. It also includes recent interviews with "Z-Boys" Stacy Peralta. Narrated by Sean Penn, this skateboarding movie is an awesome snap-shot in time of some of the best skateboarders to ever pick up a board.
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