5 Best Ski Boots For High Arches

If you have high arches, you need to learn about the 5 best ski boots for high arches. People who have high arches tend to put more pressure on the outside of their feet. You need a ski book that will help your feet roll inward. 

  1. Salomon Impact 10 Ski Boots These are the best ski boots for all-mountain skiers with high arches. With the bi-material shell over the instep, these boots give you all the cushioning your arches need for a day on the slopes. The "My Customfit Pro liner" has three layers of foam which conforms uniquely to your foot. This provides more comfort and control around your arches, heel and shin.
  2. Tecnica Dragon 100 Ski Boots The Tecnica Dragon is the best ski boots for men with medium-high arches.  he instep has a hinged catch, which helps distribute pressure evenly throughout the boot. It also pivots away from the shell which allows easier access. The top of this ski boot might be too tight if you have a severely high arch.
  3. Nordica Beast 10 Ski Boots The Nordica Beast 10 is best for advanced or intermediate skiers with high arches who need more landing support. This ski boot features a double-canting cuff, heating system liner and a custom elastic power strap.
  4. Nordica Jah Love 130 Ski Boots This ski boot is best for beginning to intermediate skiers with high arches. The Jah Love will give you enough cushioning for your arches without adding bulk. These boots are comfortable and easy to adjust to your specifications. These boots are best used for downhill skiing, but there is too much flex for going down more advanced runs or jumps. These boots also have thermal foam for added warmth and comfort. These ski boots fit slightly narrow through the calf and foot.
  5. Saloman SPK Pro Model These ski boots are perfect for bigger guys with high arches. The toe box is designed to provide more room, but the heel is snug for control. This ski boot has a lot of progressive forward flexion. Additionally, the lateral support helps re-distribute your weight. Reviewers say this ski boot feels like "wearing a sofa." 
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