5 best Ski boots For Intermediate Skiers

Now that you can walk properly in skis, it is time to graduate to buying one of these five best ski boots for intermediate skiers. Those who are at an intermediate level need the proper ski boots for your level of expertise, because it can affect your performance and comfort.

  1. Nordica Sportmachine RT Ski Boots.These ski boots for intermediate skiers have an adjustable 80-70 flex index and has a switch flex adjuster which allows intermediate skiers to switch easily from wide turns on powder to tighter turns on iced surfaces. The Sportmachine RT Ski Boots from Nordica also are made with a comfort sole bed to fit comfortably even when skiing all day.
  2. Rossignol Zenith Sensor 3 100 Ski Boots. Rossignol provides ski boots for intermediate skiers and the Zenith Sensor 3 100 are the best pair you can buy from Rossignol. These ski boots provide proper balance and a 100 flex index.
  3. Tecnica The Agent 90 Ski Boots. The Agent 90 Ski Boots for intermediate skiers has a fleece lining for warmth and comfort, two cuff catches that can be removed to fit any size calf and a sole that provides the maximum in shock absorption.
  4. Dalbello Voodoo Ski Boots. There is no bad karma with the Voodoo Ski Boots from Dalbello. These ski boots for intermediate skiers provide wearers with shock absorption, a flex range of 75-85 and the dynalink retention system which gives skiers less foot sliding.
  5. Lange Inferno Ski Boots. Another great choice for ski boots for intermediate skiers are the Inferno Ski Boots by Lange. It has a 115 flex index, gel tongue to help absorb shock and an overlap shell design to keep the foot and leg in the proper position.



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