5 Best Skis For Ice

If you want to hit the slopes in the midwest, you should learn about the 5 best skis for Ice. The best skis for ice would also benefit skiers who like to ski at night and larger skiers. Generally speaking, if you are skiing on ice, you will want to look for a longer ski. You will also want to consider a stiffer, less flexible ski for skiing on ice. This will prevent trenching and allow you to carve with greater ease. 

  1. Volkl Tigershark 10 Foot Power Switch. This best ski for ice has a 121-73-105 shape for high-speed carving on ice. The Tigershark is best for intermediate to advanced skiers, and would be too unstable for beginners. The best feature of these skis is the Power Switch, which allows you to decide how hard you want to ski. In this way, skiers of all sizes can use the Tigershark and you can also adjust the skies depending on your surface. 
  2. Blizzard G-Force G3 IQ Skis. The blizzard skis are best for ice and hard packed snow. They have a wood profile designed with Powerframe and sidewall technology and 70mm waist. This special binding system in built-in, not glued. These skis are lightweight and allow for even weight distribution. The Blizzard G-force skis can also be used in all-mountain skiing. 
  3. K2 Extreme Skis. The K2 Extreme skis can go with you on any mountain terrain you choose. These skies are durable and especially suited for skiing on ice and withstanding hard landings in the park. The Extreme skis feature ABSorb Hybrid sidewall technology and stealth rivets. 
  4. Atomic Beta Racer 9.20.  This is the best ski for skiing in ice for the intermediate to advanced skier. This ski will help you remain stable while maintaining high speeds and it is perfect for competitive downhill skiers. Reviewers have commented that they don't even realize they are skiing on ice in the Atomic Beta Racer. 
  5. K2 Stinger. This ski is best for skiing on ice and skiing downhill. The stinger is perfect for the beginner and features a MOD technology that promotes stability and easy turn. These skis are very durable and carve on ice, but some skiers might not like the bulkiness of the K2 Stinger. Another benefit of these skis is their relatively low price, making them a great "first ski" purchase.
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