5 Best Skis For Intermediate

These are the 5 best skis for intermediate level skiers. Everyone has to start somewhere, and becoming an intermediate skier is not an easy task. It takes hours of hard work and dedication. But once you get to that point in your skiing exploration, how do you know which skis are best for you? Well there are hundreds of different types of skis, but these are the five best skis for intermediate skiers.

  1. Atomic Skis- Atomic Skis, one of the best skis for intermediates,  have been around since the 1950's and with these skis you will know the production you are receiving is top of the line. Atomic Skis features some of the most durable sets, which you will need as an intermediate skier.
  2. Blizzard Magnum 7.6 IQ- This lightweight set of skis for intermediates will train you to get used to reaching new high speeds at a reasonable rate. While you can go faster with these skis they are still very easy to balance on and will keep your falling to a minimum. These are for the upper intermediate skiers.
  3. Dynastar Legend Sultan 80- This amazing pair of skis for intermediates can be found for a reasonable price and is a value to brag about. With thick skis and an upward angle in the front these skis make keeping your balance as easy as you could possibly want. With these skis you will need to try to fall before you eat snow.
  4. K2 Wayback Ski– With the sleek design of the K2 Waybavk, learning how to turn is made even easier for intermediate skiers. Thanks to this sets light weight and design, it will practically make your turns for you and instill the confidence you will need to hit the harder slopes.
  5. Nordica Hot Rod Ignitor CA- Saving the best set of intermediate skis for last. With Nordica, you will be able to do anything you can do with a set of advanced skis, but thanks to its design, balancing is not a impossible task. You will be able to make every turn, reach new speeds, and push yourself to new limits all while not feeling overwhelmed with these great intermediate skis.
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