5 Best Skis For Moguls

Skiing moguls is a fast past, energetic form of skiing that is fun, challenging and hard on the knees. Having the proper skis to maneuver moguls (affectionately referred to as bumps) is very important to eliminating potential injury and the longevity of the skier. Mogul skiing takes a special formulated ski, generally with an ash and/or beech wood core as a light yet durable material, which is then coated with a composite to make the ski. Mogul skiing also takes some training and technique.

The five best skis for moguls offer all the basics but practice is what will make you better. Having the proper ski is definitely a necessity but you must also understand the unique challenges. As with all skis, be sure to have them measured for your height and preferences; this product review is a general review of mogul skis and not to your personal needs.

The five best mogul skis are:

  1. Hart F-17 World Cup Mogul Skis are the choice skis for professionals and those ready to step up and take on bigger challenges. This ski is simply sick with the best overall construction. This world-class ski can take on the harshest moguls with ease; the smooth glide and bounce with this baby cannot be beat.
  2. K2 Mamba Mogul Ski is another ski up to the unique challenges of mogul skiing. Offering a sleek design to cut through the bumps and smooth out your ride. New graphic designs are available too to enhance your badass mountain look. You cannot go wrong with this top of the line ski.
  3. Vokl Wall Mogul Competition Ski offer a sleek design and toe and heel cuts specifically for the challenge. The competitive level mogul ski is biting at the chance to take on the steepest and bumpiest ride. Boasting a new style for the mogul runs with a fresh cut design and newly defined graphics.
  4. Fatypus BNasty Mogul Ski provides a wicked cut and style for heavy mogul runs. Professional grade materials and construction place these skis up with the best. Unique toe and heel cut makes for a fun and challenging run. Expect to see these great skis on the slopes wherever you ski.
  5. Atomic SX9 Mogul Skis are a wonderful choice for moderate to beginning mogul skiers looking to step up their game. Great construction with super bump absorption and distribution make this a logical choice.  


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