5 Best Skis For Powder

Looking for the 5 best skiis for powder? Skiing in powder can be an exciting and thrilling experience if you have the right equipment. Having the perfect skis for powder greatly helps in this endeavor, and this 5 Best Skis For Powder list will show you what to buy if you want to look like you're in charge of the mountain.

  1. Lib Tech ReCurve POW NAS. A collaboration by three of the world's most premier ski designers, these Lib Tech skis are made to float in the oh-so-sweet powder and even shave the ice, particularly on the groomers and in the crud. These skis come with reputable bragging rights: They helped the winner of the 2009 World Freeskiing Championship attain his victory!
  2. Black Diamond Megawatt. Protecting you from the pitfalls that inexperienced skiers make–such as leaning back in powder–the Black Diamond Megawatt allows you to ski as fiercely as you want, without ever changing the weighting of your skis. It will increase your skiing prowess due to its early rise tip and tail and zero camber.
  3. Nordica Zero. No list of the 5 Best Skis For Powder would be complete without an entry from Nordica! A symmetrical twin-tip for BC boosters, the Nordica Zero lets you make a stable turn on the hard pack, but it may be a little challenging to land in powder. Still, if all-around skiing and landing in the park and hard pack are you aim, there are no better skis.
  4. G3 Tonic. This G3 Tonic dispels the notion that you need big skis to have a great experience on powder. Sweet floatation is provided by these skis courtesy of G3's early rise tip, or what they like to call Joyride Technology! The bottom line is the Tonic are capable, do-everything skis.
  5. Elan 1010. Looking for a pair of skis that encourages you to carve well in powder or packed powder? Then stop your search since these Ela 1010s are just what you want. That probably has a lot to do with its technology which includes vertical sidewall race construction.



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