5 Best Skydiving Helmets

The 5 best skydiving helmets offer the basic necessities of the skydiver. Depending on your skill level, what you are diving for (work, recreation or whatever), and how much you want to spend will determine the right helmet for you. Bottom line, you want to protect your head from impact and all these helmets will do just that.

  1. Z1 IAS Full Face Helmet: A helmet for skydivers into full throttle adventure. The full encompassed helmet covers the entire head and comes with a built in face mask that comes in various colors. Great for UV protection and midflight and landing debris protection and comes with a built in GFX computer to provide you a baseline for inputs. One of the most exclusive helmets on the market, built for practicality, looks and longevity.
  2. Bonehead Havok Full Face Helmet: With a full face design there is no need for goggles. The moveable visor makes it great for comfort when the helmet is on and you are not in air. Room for an audible altimeter or other diving support device to provide the skydiver with everything he needs. Comes with the ability to customize and has a rainbow of colors to choose. This is a very fine helmet that also boasts a fog-free visor and built in comfort strap.
  3. Pro-Tec Classic Full-Cut Skydiving Sports Helmet: This is a classic design that allows for growth in accessories. The standard design is simple and practical. Goggles are required for this model but the over all design is exceptional and fitted for most every goggle design. The durable finish will stand up to most and thing and the comfort cushioning and strapping are a delight to the skydiver. Comes in various colors and can mount a camera to capture the special events.
  4. Bonehead Mindwrap Skydiving Helmet: Made with the bonehead patent composite boasts the best in the business. The open face design accommodates most market goggles and the composite makes for a durable and lightweight helmet. Offering top slight padding and strapping on this model that is equivalent to Bonehead’s top of the line helmets. Upgrades include audible and camera strapping and customizing your design.
  5. Evo Freefly Helmet: Simplistic, practical and no-frills define this skydiving helmet. Providing the basic safety necessities, comfort and elementary design the Firefly provides the piece of mind every diver needs. An open face design, cushioned interior and soft latex trapping spells comfort for the skydiver. The no-frills design equated to a durable yet inexpensive option for the skydiver.
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