5 Best Skydiving Jumpsuits For Men

In order to get the totally pleasure and enjoyment out of skydiving, it is important to know the 5 best skydiving jumping suits for men. Generally speaking, most of the skydiving jumping suits are made of nylon, spandex, polyester, and cotton. Depending on the type of jumping you do, the type of material that you wear can be affected by it. Let’s look into these 5 best skydiving jumping suits for men.

  1. Extreme Flywear Reflex Suit 2007 Unlike other jumping suits out there, this suit is made of poly-cotton fabrics and coated with Teflon. Note that the knees and bums are made of Cordura material. Another unique thing about this suit is that instead of the wind blowing you around, you are entitled to adjust your speed with its zippers in the arms and legs.
  2. Airwear Thermal Microlight Suit As implied by its name, this suit is insulated for weather proof purposes. Since it comes with Velcro cuffs on ankles, wrists and collar, you can definitely count on this suit for maximum wind protection. The other good news is that this suit will make you feel light and comfortable.
  3. The Original FliteSuit This suit will float your boat if you have a big build and love to do all kinds of skydiving. Although this suit is made of medium weight poly-cotton, your body will be flying really steady in the sky. You want to own this suit because it is absolutely affordable and customizable.
  4. The GoCrazy Hybrid Jumpsuit You can keep up with all the changes in skydiving by wearing this suit. Its slick design, smart cutting, and best quality spandex material will surely take your skydiving experience to another level. Also, the performance of this suit is enhanced by its spandex cuffs and collar and zipper flap.
  5. Vertical Inverted Hybrid Suit If you don’t want the wind to be a problem, then this suit will be perfect for you. In fact, this suit is made of high quality spandex material which will maximize your mobility and comfort at different wind speeds and temperatures. Besides, all the seams come with double top stitch for strength and durability. Special features include windproof zipper, double layer on knees and butt, and full body mesh lining. 
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