5 Best Slick Bike Tires

The 5 best slick bike tires are bicycle tires that have absolutely no tread on them. The types of bicycles that you will find make use of this kind of tire are the ones that are used for street riding or racing. The thinking behind slick bike tires is that they don't require a tread pattern because aquaplaning is not really a problem for bicycles on the street.

  1. Schwalbe Kojak HS 385 Slick Road Bike Tire. Made to give you both performance as well as durability, Schwalbe's Kojak slick bike tire features a RaceGuard protection belt which allows you to ride your bicycle on the streets without worrying about its traction, as well as with the knowledge that it won't come apart even during the most strenuous riding. While that alone assures it the number one spot, it also is shaped in a wire beaded style.
  2. Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire. Featuring deep siping and a flared top section, this slick bike tire from Kenda includes features of both Blackwell as well as wire bead. It takes the number two spot because attaching it to your mountain bike will let you intensify your rolling efficiency while at the same time letting you take corners in the smoothest of ways.
  3. Schwalbe Super Moto HS 338 Slick Mountain Bike Tire. Only at number three because it is an uncommonly pricey slick bike tire, Schwalbe's Super Moto HS 338 is a slick bike tire that features Speed Grip and carcass compound. This tire really hugs the street surface effectively and provides you with a ride that is super-smooth and full of good support. It is a good choice if you want a slick bike tire that adjusts well to your mountain bike.
  4. Ritchey Tom Slick Pro Mountain Bicycle Tire. This slick bike tire by Ritchey is the kind of tire you want attached to your bike if you have a lot of commuting to do. It features channeled sides for all-condition grip, weighs only 250 grams, and optimal traction. It takes the four spot because it is made for minimum rolling resistance.
  5. Chen Shin C1096 Semi Slick XC Bicycle Tire. Chen Shin's slick bike tire features a center ridge that is super wide and thick, which should help you get great support and traction while riding. However, it is priced so cheaply that it just doesn't have the more extensive features of other brands. If value is what you want, though, give this brand of slick bike tire a try.
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