5 Best Small Boats

The five best small boats consist of a wide-variety of boats for all types of uses including fishing streams, rivers, and lakes. These boat brands are proven winners on the water for durability and good resale value. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new small boat or want to see how your brand compares to the best, this article will be a great read for you! But before you get out on the water, make sure that you've taken a boating education class, which is taught by knowledgeable instructors who are committed to the highest standards of the U.S. Coast Gaurd. Without further ado here are the best small boat brands.

  1. Trackers. Trackers, a brand popular in Bass Pro Shops, is a popular boat for a great value. Trackers come in a wide-variety of sizes which make them perfect for anyone’s needs. With their super value and quality, you’ll be able to enjoy your Tracker for years to come!
  2. Rangers. Rangers are fairly expensive, but if you can afford them they’re the cream of the crop! While they specialize in larger boats, Rangers come in smaller sizes that give you the added comfort of a bigger boat to a small presentation that will fit your needs as an angler. They also have a great re-sale value, especially if you care for your equipment properly.
  3. Lowe. Lowe’s are excellent boats with great quality and re-sale value. Lowe specializes in certain boats depending on your usage. If you’re looking for a smaller boat for purely fishing purposes, than Lowe’s are an excellent choice due to their durability. They also offer boats that have the same comfort of their larger boats for a reasonable price.
  4. Lund. Lund is a great brand in the industry known for their durability. While these types of boats may not be quite as nice as the Rangers of the world, Lund boats specialize in different styles of boats that will fit your small boat needs. Lund boats also have a good re-sale value too, which is a nice added bonus.
  5. Sea Nymph. Our final type of boat on our list is an old classic. While Sea Nymph’s aren’t as popular as they use to be, they’re extremely tough. Sea Nymph’s are a great choice for both value and durability in the small boat category. They also offer the comfort of larger boats with the value of a cheaper price, which makes them another excellent choice! Look to find the best value in used Sea Nymphs that have been well taken care of.
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