5 Best Small Center Channel Speakers

If you're trying to find the 5 best small center channel speakers, it may prove to be a difficult task when considering all of the choices given on the market today. The journey to obtain rich and crisp high quality audio is one of utmost importance to anyone's home theater system. The following small center channel speakers below cost no more than $200 and all of them guarantee high-end to mid-range range crystal clear audio. This is the best you're going to get when it comes to quality audio on a budget.

  1. JBL LC1 Center Speaker. For $200 retail, the JBL LC1 contains the ability to tackle up to 75 watts of power continuously, 300 watts at peak, and a pretty neat 3-way design. The JBC LC1 Center is an excellent ten-pound speaker system that delivers some of the most crisp audio ever heard.
  2. Infinity PC250 Center Speaker. If you want the utmost vibrant audio for a low price of roughly $170, then the Infinity PC250 may be what you are looking for. Packed with a cool high quality two-way dual low frequency driver of 5-1/4'', expect to receive high-end audio on your end, regardless of how big your home theater room is.
  3. Polk Audio CSR Center Speaker. Selling at a mere $150, the Polk Audio CSR Center Speaker stands roughly less than 8 inches in height but contains a magnifying audio system with balance polymer drivers that are capable of emitting a large variety of audio frequencies. In addition, the system's 3/4'' dome tweeter is made with a neodymium magnet which can work wonders for any soundtrack or dialogue.
  4. Energy C-C50 Center Speaker. Just like the Polk Audio CSR system, the Energy C-C50 is also designed with a good tweeter dome, one that is constructed out of one-inch aluminum, aiding in the deliverance of some very nifty audio. Retailing at around $160, the Energy C-C50 also contains twin 4.5 inch composite woofers for that extra push for your audio.
  5. Boston Acoustics CS 225C Center Channel Speaker. This unique system sells for approximately $150 and is known to be one of the best options on the market today, containing a Boston Kortec dome tweeter and five-way gold binding posts. You can make the most of your motion picture soundtrack with this system without having to worry too much about noise distortion, among other common audio issues.
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