5 Best Small Pickups With 4 Doors

If you're thinking of purchasing a new truck, check out these 5 best small pickups with 4 doors. Small trucks are becoming the new craze. They're great trucks that provide many different benefits and amenities. Read about the five on the following list before heading off to buy a truck that might not be as good.

  1. Toyota Tacoma. This truck tops the list of the five best small pickups with four doors because it holds the record for the best safety rating of small trucks. It features anti-lock brakes, an anti-skid system, and front side and curtain airbags. It even has advanced off-road abilities.
  2. Honda Ridgeline. This truck also has a high safety rating. In fact, it was the first four-door truck ever to get a five star crash test rating for frontal impact, as well as side impact. It has a great interior, and is the only truck that currently features a trunk in the bed of it. For these reasons, it's made the second spot on the list of the five best small trucks with four doors.
  3. Nissan Frontier. This small truck has made the list of five best small trucks with four doors because it comes with three different options. Buyers can purchase it in a standard, off-road, or fast performance option. It rides smooth, and features a more rugged look then the Toyota Tacoma. Along with all of that, it has a 261 horsepower V6 engine.
  4. Chevrolet Colorado. This truck has been used as a replacement to the S10. With it, you can get a 300 horsepower V8 engine. It's powerful, and comes without the flaws that the S10 had. It's a great pickup truck, and therefore, has made the list of the five best small pickups with four doors.
  5. Dodge Dakota. The Dodge Dakota has taken the final spot on the list of the five best small pickups with four doors. It has a four flex fuel V8 engine. It gets 302 horsepower. It even features rack and pinion steering.




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