5 Best Small Ping Pong Tables

With these 5 best small ping pong tables you can enjoy the game of ping pong even if you don't have the room for a larger table. These tables can be set up almost anywhere without taking up too much room for hours of fun. Many small ping pong tables are portable, so they can fit in most cars to bring the fun along wherever you go.

  1. Stiga 54 Inch Mini Ping Pong Table At only 54 inches long, this small ping pong table can be used almost anywhere. It is great for kids who want to play and is designed for small spaces. It is made with a 3/8-inch MDF top and has sturdy steel legs. This table also folds up for easy storage.
  2. Park and Sun MTT Mini Ping Pong Table This small ping pong table was made for tight spaces. It lets its users enjoy the same action as a regular size table, but with a much smaller size. The top is 3/8-inch blue laminated MDF and it has 1-inch diameter steel legs. It also folds up for easy storage and easy transport.
  3. Joola MiniPong Table Tennis Table A small ping pong table that can be used to turn any table into a mini table tennis surface. At only 4 inches tall, its short legs allow you to place it on top of any surface you want to use for your ping pong game. It has a retractable folding net and only weighs 5 pounds.
  4. Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table This small ping pong table is a scaled down version of the real thing. It stands at regulation height, but has a frame that is 3/4 the size of a regular table. It has a blue surface and posts with a sturdy net for full on ping pong action.
  5. Earth Mini Ping Pong Table A lightweight, small ping pong table made from aluminum, this table can be used anywhere. It can folded up and brought on a camping trip or left set up in a rec room. The MDF top is double laminated, but it folds up easily with handles for easy carrying.
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