5 Best Small Televisions

These are the 5 best small televisions. While other people drop 3,000 dollars plus on televisions, you can find these small televisions for 500 dollars or less. All of them are hdtv and give you great picture and sound quality. Here they are:

  1. Samsung 2333HD 23 inch- This Saumsung television set costs only 262 dollars. It is a wide screen 23 inch piece of beauty. For only 262 dollars, it might just be the best value for your buck out there.
  2. Samsung LN22B460 22 inch- You can find this small television for just north of 300 dollars. The 15,000:1 contrast ratio will give you amazing picture quality to make you feel like you are there.
  3. Toshiba 22AV600U 22 inch- This small television is the first non-Samsung TV on our list, but for under 300 dollars it would be a crime to leave it off. This television makes any TV experience better, whether it is for movies, video games, or pc use.
  4. Westinghouse SK-19H210 19 inch- This is our first small television on our list that is not 20 inches but then again this list is for smaller televisions. This televisions set offers three HD inputs and is compatible for PC use making it just as versatile as the ones above and just as good.
  5. LG Electronics 22LH20 22 inch- LG has a history of making great electronics and they do not disappoint with this small television. Standing at 22 inches this television can be found for 300 dollars. Featuring 720p and a 60hz refresh rate this wide screen television easily makes our best of list.

For those of you with a smaller wallet, these are the best small televisions on the market. These will not break your budget while giving you the same quality as those enormous 50 inch televisions will provide for you.



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