5 Best Snowboard Gloves

There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of snowboarding gloves, and here are the 5 best snowboard gloves that match a variety of needs and wants. A wide selection of warm, water resistant, and long-lasting snowboarding gloves are available at most sporting goods stores.

  1. Level Flash Protective Snowboard Gloves. These gloves are known as a high performance glove with built-in wrist injury protection that is almost twice as effective as regular wrist guards. The wrist protection is made from a rubberized plastic which allows it to absorb shock within an ergonomically designed glove. They are a little more expensive than standard snowboard gloves but well worth the money.
  2. Grenade Sub Zero Snowboard Gloves. Many snowboarding gloves provide a rubber-type palm area and a pocket for a hand warmer, but these gloves also feature rubber fingertip caps. The gloves are full length and waterproof. The cloth and nylon material provides hand flexibility and comfort for the snowboarder who spends hours on the slopes.
  3. Swany Bad Boy Snowboard Gloves. This is an excellent pair of men's snowboarding gloves with LeatherShield. The adjustable wrist strap and the Tri-plex insulation will keep your hands warm for hours. The Flexor construction and molded knuckles provide extra comfort. This also allows you to easily move your fingers within the gloves. 
  4. Dakine Cobra Snowboard Gloves. These gloves are insulated with Thermoloft synthetic insulation. Easy to wear and use on the slopes with the pre-curved fingers and the roll back fingertip design. Dakine gloves have excellent ratings by consumers for durability, waterproof, and breathability. An excellent pair of gloves for the person who spends all day in the winter elements to enjoy their snowboarding adventures.
  5. Burton Pipe Snowboard Gloves. The Burton gloves are an affordable option to the more expensive snowboarding gloves on the market. The fabric is water resistant and stretchable. The low profile cuff and the synthetic suede palm are unique features that make the gloves flexible and lighter weight than most snowboarding gloves. 
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