5 Best Snowboard Racks With Side Rail Attachment

Looking for the 5 best snowboard racks with a side rail attachment? These snowboard racks, each with a side rail attachment, offer ease, safety and style for the snowboarder that uses them for transport. Whether you are a solitary snowboarder or travel in a pack, the snowboard racks below will ensure your equipment arrives undamaged and ready to hit the powder.

  1. Thule 91726 Universal Pull Top 6. This rack can carry six pairs of skis or four snowboards on a system that incorporates an easy slide-out for quicker use. The universal factory mounting hardware works with any Thule racks, and most factory racks, though a Xadapt7 adapter may be necessary for some vehicles.
  2. Thule Snowboard Carrier 2Bds. This angled rack carries two snowboards with little chance of damage to the boards during transport. Theft-resistant locks, adjustable hardware for snowboard size and a Fat Mouth clamp for easy attachment make this board and side rail attachment a good investment.
  3. Yakima Big PowderHound. Four boards can fit safely on this rack that accommodates most Yakima and factory crossbars. The PowderHound also offers two locks for safety and one of the highest binding clearances of snowboard racks that include a side rail attachment.
  4. Yakima FreshSesh. Similar to the PowderHound, this snowboard rack can carry four boards, but it also includes two sets of decals for personalization. Created for utilization on most vehicles, the FreshSesh fits square, round and many factory crossbars.
  5. RV-INNO Dual Angle II. With openings on both sides, you can retrieve your snowboard from this rack with ease and convenience. Four boards will fit on this snowboard rack, with a lever to raise or lower the rack to prevent damage to your car or boards.



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