5 Best Snowboard Roof Racks

Going snowboarding and need to know the 5 best snowboard roof racks? These racks offer the security that is necessary to allow you to arrive at your destination with your snowboard ready to shred! Whether it is carrying capacity that you need, price, or ease in loading, these boards are the top 5 choices for snowboarding racks.

  1. The Inno High Type Ski/Snowboard Roof Rack offers tall binding and split design. It also allows both sides to be opened. It can potentially hold four snowboards which is great for group trips. It also features a split design that is good for wider and larger vehicles.
  2. The Thule Snowcat Ski/Snowboard Roof Rack is a great choice for cars with side racks. This rack has four locks to secure each board. It also fits all style of snowboard. This snowboard rack is a bit pricey  but it is well worth it with all of the perks. This useful rack is an excellent choice when deciding on the top five snowboard roof racks.
  3. Looking to save a buck, but need a reliable snowboard roof rack? The Yakima Fat Cat 4 is a great choice. It hold two snowboards in its compact frame. It features a universal system that fits most vehicles. The low price of this rack and its usability make it an excellent addition to the top five snowboard roof racks.
  4. For those who plan to snowboard solo or at least ride alone, the Valley Carrier offers the right price with all of the features. It features a universal mounting system that works with all vehicles, as well as an easy latch system. The system also has a push button latch that makes it easy to use. This roof rack also has a universal mount system.
  5. Need a to carry multiple snowboards for under one hundred dollars? The SportRack six pair dix Ski and Snowboard carrier can carry up to four snowboards. It also has the universal mounting technology. This rack is quite sturdy and well built. It also boasts a tamper proof system for those valuable boards. This rack has all of the benefits of the top five snowboard roof racks.

Don't make purchasing a snowboard roof rack a “scorpion”. Choose one of these 5 best snowboarding racks to ensure that your board make it to the slopes safely and securely. Save money with valuable extras and feel great knowing that you are sporting one of the best snowboard racks on your roof. That's totally wicked!

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