5 Best Snowboarding Brands

Whether looking to buy a new snowboard for the first time or upgrading the snowboard you already have, knowing the 5 best snowboarding brands is a must.  When snowboarding, it is best to stick with reputable names that promise quality.  Snowboarding is a vigorous sport, therefore, it is important to have quality products built to last.  When looking for quality, here are the five best snowboarding brands:

  1. Burton.  Almost everybody has heard of Burton.  Burton is the largest snowboard brand in the world, and it was one of the first around, founded in 1977.  Burton is surely a name that can be trusted, making it the best of the five best snowboarding brands.
  2. Rome.  Rome is a brand that provides high quality boards that are great for park performance.  It is a company that that has a board to please every rider.
  3. Bonfire.  A company that started at Huntington Beach, California in 1989.  This brand is known for their great designs.  Bonfire rider David Benedek was named "Snowboarder's Magazine" rider of the year in 2003 and 2004,  giving the brand a very reputable name in the 5 best snowboarding brands.
  4. Volcom.  It is a world known brand, with unique designs of snowboards.  Volcom is featured on the cover of "Nylon's" April 2010 issue, making it one of the 5 best snowboarding brands.
  5. K2.  A strong brand that is widely available.  They are known for their great mountain performance boards.  The company also owns smaller brands like Ride and Little Bear, making it one of the best snowboarding brands around.
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