5 Best Soccer Betting Systems

Looking for the 5 best soccer betting systems? If you're like most Americans, you probably do not bet on soccer. It is, after all, considered a sissy sport, though those who think so have probably never been in the stands at a soccer game. The players get away with some bad fouls that lead to serious injuries, and even the spectators have a chance of receiving injuries serious enough to send them to the hospital. The careful soccer fan watches his games on television. If he wants to bet on them, here are a few systems that can help.

  1. The best soccer betting system ever: do not bet on the U.S. men's soccer team winning the World Cup. Unless you are making this bet as a form of charity, that is throwing your money away. Of course, that does not really give you a betting system. That's more of a strategy that does not take long to figure out.
  2. The random-lottery soccer betting system. This system works best for any sport. Unless you happen to be a fan of the Brazilian soccer team, or for an American equivalent, a fan of the Yankees, you're better off betting on a team picked by some random means than consistently betting on your own team.
  3. The statistical method. The statistical method can be something as simple as picking the team most likely to win for a particular game or picking the favored teams over the home-team system. This type of bettor will probably suffer more losses along the way, but he is most likely to be profitable.
  4. An effective soccer betting method is to pick the teams that cheat and get away with it. It's also called the, “Wow, this team looks like they're playing hockey” method. In 2005, Juventus won the Italian League championship. Juventus also got away with the most fouls in the league.
  5. Just pick a team and hope for the best. Okay, this really is not a betting method. But sometimes playing gut hunches pays off when gambling. Most of the time it does not.

Sadly, there are no soccer betting methods that are specific to the sport, other than not betting on the U.S. Men's team to win the World Cup. Now, if you are betting on the U.S. women's soccer team, that's a different story. They have delivered a championship.

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