5 Best Soccer Coaching Books

Selecting one of the 5 best soccer coaching books for use with a team can help bring victories home. When deciding on which book to buy, consider the age and experience level of the team. A team of five-year-olds cannot be coached like a professional team headed for the World Cup. Alternatively, a high school team is not likely to respond to directions given in a beginning soccer book. Consider hitting up the library prior to purchasing any book to get a personal view before committing the cash to the project.

  1. "Coaching Youth Soccer" by the American Sport Education Program. The best soccer coaching books list cannot exclude the book written by the official source in American soccer. This book covers teaching the basics and the rules of the game for the beginner. Communication skills for coaches are discussed along with scheduling tips and training drills.
  2. "Brazilian Soccer Academy" by Eduardo Andriatti Paulo. This read from international soccer star Paulo is a great coaching book for soccer. The book starts with the basics of teaching and learning and progresses to top-level play skills.
  3. "Modern Combination Play" by Phil Roscoe. This publication, written by a member of the Liverpool Academy, is one of the best books for coaching soccer because of its look at defensive play. The book focuses on coaching intermediate and advanced players.
  4. "Training Creative Goalscorers" by Michael Beale.  A former player for Holland, Beale focuses on training players to make quick decisions for scoring. This work makes the list of best soccer coaching books because of the list of drills and its thinking approach to coaching.
  5. "New Coaches Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer" by Robert Koger. The final book on our list of soccer coaching books is a guide written specifically for the first-year coach. It covers all areas of coaching, including communication, discipline, scheduling and drills.
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