5 Best Solar Powered Rope Lights

Are you looking for the 5 best solar powered rope lights? Well, check this out. What makes rope lights so special to most is you can use them year round. You don't need take rope lights down, as they add a sweet, romantic ambience to your yard year round. As long as you do not use colored rope lights or have the rope lights jumping around or blinking, they can be turned on nightly. If you are like most though, turning rope lights on nightly can be a waste of energy and you want to keep the rope lights for as long as possible. This can be done without wasting energy using solar powered rope lights. The five best solar powered lights are discussed below.

  1. Solar powered rope lights that come with an included battery. The reason is simple. You will not have to go out and purchase batteries for the rope light set. Simply place your order, wait for the lights to arrive and place them where you want them.
  2. Flipo sells many types of solar powered lights. You can buy them in many rope sizes, making it easy for you to purchase the right size solar powered rope lights for the area you wish to light up.
  3. Solar Illuminations sells a unique solar powered light set called Flexi-Lights. What makes these lights so unique is that they are more flexible than thicker, more rigid rope lights. It makes placing them a lot easier and more flexible for tighter spots.
  4. Nigel's Eco Store sells solar powered rope lights that when placed in sunlight will illuminate for up to three days without sunlight afterward. This is especially neat for cloudy days when the solar panel is not getting direct sunlight.
  5. Lastly, Amazon and auction sites sell solar powered rope lights that may be cheaper than other websites.
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