5 Best Solid Sex Dolls

The 5 best solid sex dolls are all those sex dolls that you want to make sweet, succulent and passionate love to. If you have become sick of dealing with talking, breathing, live girls and want instead a sex doll who is always going to be submissive to your very reasonable demands for sex, then check out these sex dolls.

  1. Maiden of the Sea. No, not to be confused with Iron Maiden, the seminal English heavy metal band, the Maiden of the Sea is a solid sex doll that puts a small spin on things. It is the best solid sex doll because it lets you role play with your brain into thinking that you are having hot fake-sex with a real, live mermaid (that has huge hooters, to boot!).
  2. Briana Banks 3 Hole Love Doll. The Briana Banks 3 Hole Love Doll snatches the second spot with lubricated ease because it will allow you to delude yourself into thinking you are having sex with one of the world's hottest porn actresses. Now, after you watch Briana Banks have loveless and simulated sex in one of her porn movies, you can take her likeness in the form of a doll out of its box and have sex with that, too! Ain't your life grand?!
  3. Lana Love Me Doll. If you have ever wanted a solid sex doll with nipples that are lifelike, then you have found your life mate in this sex doll. This doll's nipples are so realistic that you will think that you can even drink milk out of their lactating action! You will also be thrilled at the vibrating ass and vagina on this solid sex doll; stick your penis inside those artificial openings and let the good times roll.
  4. Wrap Around Lover Doll. This is the solid sex doll that you desire if you lust for a sex doll that will actually wrap its lifelike legs and arms of manufactured material around your horny and ready-to-go body! All other sex dolls just kind of lie there (almost like a real woman who is just not that into sex or you), yet this one actively is designed to wrap itself around you. So bring extra lube and extra amounts of arousal with you, big boy, when you let your sexual aggression loose on this baby.
  5. Jessica 3-Hole Doll Blonde. So many times with real, live, breathing women, they selfishly demand too many things like you respecting them as actual human beings and at least talking to them first, which, as any real guy knows, is too unreasonable. Worse, they may not even put out and give you the sex you have a right to expect! Thus, the only solution to this is to replace real women with sex dolls like this Jessica model, who will always do your lustful bidding.
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