5 Best Songs About Friday

If it's Monday and you've just hunkered down into your ergonomic chair in your crumby little cubicle, let this list of the 5 best songs about Friday give you something to look forward to. These songs won't take away your moronic boss or the milf with the run in her stockings who hits on you in the break room, but they'll give you some glimmer of hope, at least until you've got to come back the week after and photocopy and staple some more stuff.

  1. Friday I’m In Love.” Nobody does gloomy and doomy like The Cure (well, maybe Joy Division). So when the band put out a incredibly pop hit single, it was a welcome surprise and sounded like the most joyful thing you’d ever heard next to all that gloom, sort of like sunshine after a week of rainy days. It's one of the best songs about Friday because it's so upbeat it could make even Robert Smith-hater Morrissey smile.
  2. Friday Night, Saturday Morning.” The Specials created the musical equivalent of a hangover with this Two-Tone ska revival tune. Not too say it’s bad; it‘s far from it. Melodically (the song lurches along) and lyrically (“I had lipstick on my shirt instead of piss stains on my shoes”) it nails the drunken weekend, something a rowdy band like The Specials must have been fairly used to.
  3. Friday.” Joe Jackson (not the scary Michael Jackson dad) released this power pop classic and one of the best songs about Friday on his album “I’m The Man.” This punky song appears last on the album, much like Friday’s place at the end of the work week, and concerns a girl who don’t care cause “she gets paid on Friday.” Jackson’s the Elvis Costello that never was and this song is one of the best songs about Friday there is.
  4. Friday.” Same title, way different song. So what if it’s a rip off of Cypress Hill’s “Throw Your Set in The Air”? This song, from the soundtrack of the hilarious Ice Cube/Chris Tucker movie of the same name, has former N.W.A. member Ice Cube being all gangsta “playing that Super Nintendo.“ Watch your step. He might know the secret codes. It's one of the best songs about Friday from the best movie about Friday.
  5. Good Friday.” While this song by The Black Crowes owes a debt to gospel music, it finds singer Chris Robinson being anything but Christ-like. A bitter kiss-off tune, Robinson sings to his former lover: “I will not forgive you / Nor will I accept the blame.” Sounds like he'll be looking for somebody new at the bar on Fridays. This is one of the best songs about Friday to help you forget how much you miss having somebody around on Friday.
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