5 Best Songs On The ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Soundtrack

Released on March 6 1993, the five best songs on the "Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack helped the album chart at number 76 on Billboard 200. The twelve track soundtrack consists of songs about love, relationships, and heartache which are sung by notable artists during the time period it was released. Some artists from "The Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack are still well known today. The five best songs from the "Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack consist of the most popular artists, and songs.

  1. "Love Is" by Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight. Written by John Keller and Tonio K. but performed by Williams and McKnight, "Love Is" has two accomplished singers on 'The Beverly Hills 90210' soundtrack. The song was technically not played during an episode,  but it was played during the closing credits of season three, episode 22 "The Child Is Father to the Man" and featured on the soundtrack. The lyrics of "Love Is" revolve around how love can be hurtful and uplifting at the same time, which are lyrics anyone that has experienced love can relate to.
  2. "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" by Tara Kemp. The second to last track on the "Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack is "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" which was written by Tom Snow and /Miller K. but performed by Kemp. It played during season three, episode twenty, "Parental Guidance Recommended" when Brandon starts a gambling streak, and David is offered a deal with Icon Records. "Actions Speaks Louder Than Words" was written specifically for  the 'Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack.
  3. "Got 2 Have U" by Color Me Badd.  It played during season three, episode seventeen, "The Game Is Chicken" in which Steve and Brandon get tangled with the drag racing scene. "Got 2 Have U" was written by Howard Thompson and the Oklahoma City R&B vocal group Color Me Badd. One of the best songs on "The Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack because of the uplifting beat and lyrics about a guy who would do anything to be with his crush. Color Me Badd not only appeared on the soundtrack, but during season two episode "Things to do on a Rainy Day" the entire group appeared in a scene where they sang at the Peach Pit. 
  4. "All The Way To Heaven" by Jody Watley. One of the best songs on the "Beverly Hills 90210' soundtrack, "All the Way to Heaven" was also featured during season three, episode seventeen "The Game is Chicken". The original song was written by Diane Warren but performed by Grammy winning American singer and songwriter Jody Watley. The love song Watly sings is about how amazing one person's love for another human can be so uplifting, and how thankful she is to have love.
  5. "Bend Time Back Around" by Paula Abdul.  Abdul is the most well known singer to have a song on the "Beverly Hills 90210" soundtrack. Her song "Bend Time Back Around" was featured during season three, episode seventeen "The Game Is Chicken". One of the best songs on the soundtrack, it was written by Elliot Wolff, but performed by former American Idol judge Abdul. The original song was created specifically for "Beverly Hills 90210" but was later released on Abdul's 2000 album, "Paula Abdul: Greatest Hits".
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