5 Best Songs For My Daughter

The five best songs for "my daughter" should be close and dear to your heart. After all, she is one of the best gifts given to you. Here is a compilation of songs that can dedicated to your little girl.

  1. "Isn't She Lovely," Stevie Wonder. A great anthem from fathers to their daughters as express the love they have for their child. Every dad can relate to his daughter to the song, "Isn't She Lovely." Whether you sing it to her as a baby, or dancing together during a father-daughter dance at the wedding, this is one of the five best songs for your daughter.
  2. "Because You Loved Me," Celine Dion. A powerful ballad that touches the heartstrings a father can have for his daughter. Men everywhere can admit it is a very emotional tune and can be dedicated to the special girl in your life who always has that unconditional love for her Dad.
  3. "I Hope You Dance," Leeann Womack. Let your daughter know you care by playing this song and watch the tears well up. This a beautiful song for a daughter no matter her age, reminding how proud you are to have her in your life. The songs are very fitting for a wedding song.
  4. "Sweet Pea," Amos Lee. A cheerful song to sing to your daughter, especially if she is a newborn baby or a small child. The song is fitting to dance with your daughter during the wedding reception or singing to her for her birthday.
  5. "Unforgettable," Nat King Cole ft. Natalie Cole. When your father-daughter dynamic is strong, this song is the one to play to remind your daughter how much you love and appreciate her. “Unforgettable” is a classic hit that will remain one of the greatest songs for generations to come.
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