5 Best Songs From ‘The OC’ Soundtrack

If you loved "the OC" television show and its music, here are the 5 best songs from "the OC" soundtrack. The television show's first soundtrack was so successful that is spawned 5 more, but the 5 best songs from "The OC" soundtrack all come from the original soundtrack and are by artists that have had more than one song featured during an episode of "The OC."

  1. "California" by Phantom Planet. The last song on "The OC" soundtrack is also the most recognizable by fans of the television show because it was featured during every episode of every season during the opening credits. "California" by Phantom Planet is the best song on "The OC" soundtrack because it is not only the title song, but was also featured during season 1, episode 1 "Premiere." Originally from Phantom Planet's 2002 album "The Guest," the song became popular through the television show "The OC" and once the show took off, Phantom Planet's album was re-released with an added live version of "California." The song never charted in the US, but "California" did reach #26 on Billboard European Hot 100 chart.
  2. "Move On" by Jet. Jet had four different songs featured on "The OC" television show, but the only song to make a soundtrack was "Move On" which played during season one, episode 12 "The Secret." The song was written by two members of Jet, drummer Chris Cester, and guitarist Cam Muncey. "Move On" was originally on their 2003 debut album "Get Born." The song was never a single for Jet, but the album it was on peaked on Billboard Heatseekers at #1. "Move On" is one of the best songs from "The OC" soundtrack because during the episode "The Secret," Jet also had their song "Get What You Need" featured, but "Move On" was the only song to make the soundtrack.
  3. "The Way We Get By" by Spoon. Playing during season one episode 5 "The Outsider," the song was written by Spoon's lead vocalist and guitarist Britt Daniel. The song is originally a single from Spoon's 2002 fourth full length album "Kill the Moonlight" before being featured on "The OC." "The Way We Get By" is one of the best songs from "The OC" soundtrack because it was featured on, "Music From the O.C.: Mix 1" and "The O.C. – The Best of Season 1." The song is featured on two different "The OC" soundtracks and "Rolling Stone: New Sounds, Volume 2," "CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 104: August 2002," and Spoon's live concert album, "2003-07-15: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA."
  4. "How Good Can It Be" by The 88. The 88 had three different songs featured on "The OC", but the only one to make the soundtrack is "How Good Can It Be" which was featured during two episodes in season one. "How Good Can It Can Be" is one of the best songs from "The OC" soundtrack because it played during both episode 9 "The Heights," and episode 22 "The L.A." making it one of only a handful of songs that got featured during different episodes. "How Good It Can Be" was written by The 88 singer/guitarist Keith Slettedahl, and featured on the bands 2003 debut album "Kind of Light."
  5. "Just a Ride" by Jem. The second song on "The OC" soundtrack, "Just a Ride" was written by Jemma Griffiths and Mike Caren, but performed by female artist Jem. The song was released in 2005 as a single in the UK by Jem and reached #16 on the UK Singles Top 75 and #27 on Ireland Singles Top 50. "Just a Ride" by Jem is one of the best songs from "The OC" soundtrack because it was used during two different episodes in season one. The song played during episode 14 "The Countdown," and episode 23 "The Nana."
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