5 Best Soundtracks On Snowboard Video

If you are trying to make a snowboarding video, you should learn about these 5 best soundtracks on snowboard videos. Here you can get some ideas of how to create your own unique snowboarding video with a soundtrack. Snowboarding is closely associated with punk, alternative and hardcore music. Learn about the 5 best soundtracks on a snowboarding video below.

  1. "The B" soundtrack. The 2009 Burton Snowboard Season video, called "the B," has one of the best soundtracks to a snowboarding video. The video starts off with Keegan Valika doing tricks to "Barnacle Beat" by the Growlers. Other tracks include "Iron Swan" by the Sword, "Dyers Eve" by Metallica, "Waiting for a War" by the Morning Benders and "One to Another" by the Charlatans.
  2. "Let's Go Get Lost" soundtrack. This snowboarding video was filmed in Europe by Isenseven. This snowboarding video is about creative snowboarding by boraders Erik Botner, Ludwig Lejkner and  Fredrik Evensen. These snowboarders ride to artists like Death Metal Disco Scene, Hardcore Superstars, Sick Figures and Solid Gold.
  3. "Decade" soundtrack. This snowboard video soundtrack is a tribute to the '90s. This video is about big jumps and tricks and it has the soundtrack to go with it. Some of the best songs include "Train" by Lagwagon, "Gone 'Til November" by Wyclef Jean, "Harmonic" by Unwritten Law and "Mandingo" by Pully. This soundtrack is mostly alternative with some early '90s rap.
  4. "The Garden" soundtrack. This classic snowboarding video by Volcom is what got them noticed. This snowboarding video is very '90s, with musicians like Jane's Addiction "La Medley," Primus, "Have a Cigar," and Deep Purple with "Highway Star." There is also some Neil Young thrown in the mix.
  5. "Forever" soundtrack. This 2009 snowboarding video features a few forum-sponsored snowboarders riding to an eclectic variety of tunes. This soundtrack contains music by Panda Bear, Bob Marley, Caribou, the Sword, Major Lazar and the Bongo Band.
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