5 Best ‘Southpark’ Episodes

While the 5 best "South Park" episodes many not have left a cultural impact on the world, but they did make fans laugh out loud. "South Park" just ended its fourteenth season in November 2010. The show is still going strong, airing over 200 episodes and is slated for a fifteenth season in 2011.

  1. "Le Petit Tourette" (Season 11, Episode 8, 10/3/2007) While Eric Cartman is visiting the local toy store, he sees and hears another kid cussing and notices he's not getting into trouble for it. Once Cartman learns that the boy has something called Tourette's syndrome, he hatches a plan to use this information to his advantage within his own life. Cartman cons everyone into believing he has Tourette's—everyone, but Kyle. The unedited version of this best "South Park" episode spews obscenities about everything imaginable.
  2. "Scott Tenorman Must Die" (Season 5, Episode 4, 7/11/2001) Once again, Eric Cartman is the focus of this "South Park" episode, as he's conned into buying pubic hair from one of the older kids of the neighborhood, Scott Tenorman. Cartman thinks he's the first kid in the fourth grade to get his first pubic hairs, he'll ultimately be the coolest. When he learns that he's been duped, he goes to get his money back from Tenorman. Cartman is again conned, making him vow to get his revenge in the worst possible way and take away something Tenorman loves the most.
  3. "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" (Season 6, Episode 15, 11/13/2002) Videos are accidentally mixed up in this best "South Park" episode. Instead of watching a fantasy movie like "The Lord of the Rings," Butters is given his first porno movie to watch. After seeing parts of the movie, he becomes fixated on it much like Gollum did on his precious ring. Butters pretty much goes insane and the chase is on to get the right video back to the movie rental store.
  4. "Make Love, Not Warcraft" (Season 10, Episode 8, 10/4/2006) Many have heard the horrors of WOW addiction and this "South Park" episode showcases each and every one of them. The boys play their beloved Warcraft game online for hours and hours (straight) trying to defeat the player that keeps taking every one down. You'll slowly see the horrid transformation of each boy becoming a fat, pimply, dirty child, no longer care about anything else but their gaming obsession.
  5. "Gnomes" (Season 2, Episode 17, 12/16/1998) In this five best "South Park" episode, we get to know Tweek, the kid who's always jerking and twitching. You'll finally find out why he's always so high-strung. Tweek invites the boys over to his house for a school project which they all stay up to work on and drink a ton of their dad's specialty coffee. Tweek complains he has gnomes who visit his room and steal his underwear, but he's never been able to prove it to anyone. Finally when the boys stay over, they see them too and Tweek proves to them he's not completely out of his mind.
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