5 Best Specialized Bicycle Shoes

The 5 best Specialized bicycle shoes are those bicycle shoes you want if you want a big range of different models to suit whatever cycling experience you are undergoing. You want Specialized bicycle shoes if you want ergonomic design in your bicycling footwear; a big benefit of Specialized's ergonomic design is the reduction of pressure on your knees when bicycling.

  1. BG S-Works Road Shoe. This is the best Specialized bicycle shoe because it is the pick of European bicycle racers when they want the best performance on their bikes. This shoe also features Roubaix-enduring comfort, Body Geometry technology, tough Micromatrix for water resistance, and a very light weight shell. This shoe will get you to the podium quicker than most shoes.
  2. BG Elite Carbon Road Shoe. The BG Elite Carbon Road Shoe is the second best Specialized bicycle shoe because if features components and performance of some of Specialized's more costly and high-end shoes, but it sells for a more affordable price. You can be sure its sole won't unexpectedly come off during cycling due to its carbon plate reinforcement.
  3. Expert MTB Shoe. At number three because of its construction that emphasis super-lightweight closure by way of three straps, the Expert MTB shoe is a good example why Specialized bicycle shoes are so in demand. It also makes certain that your foot enjoys breathability, courtesy of its ultra-vented tongue.
  4. Trail 110 MTB Shoe. The Trail 110 MTB Shoe takes the number four spot on this countdown of the best Specialized bicycle shoes on account of its pedaling efficiency that it promotes. It comes with a three-quarters cuff ankle that still gives your foot protection, but will not limit your mobility while bicycling.
  5. Pro Road Team SAXO Shoe. At the end of this list is the Pro Road Team SAXO Shoe, a shoe that gives you unrivaled adjustability and very safe ankle support and closure, thanks to its x-link closure system. In addition, this Specialized bicycle shoe also features a footbed and contours that are both designed to increase your performance levels while bicycling. While this shoe may cost a bit much, it is worth it.
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