5 Best Sportfishing Yachts

The 5 best sportsfishing yachts cater to individuals of intrepid and refined taste. If you have a lot of money to burn off (you know, if it's just burning a hole in your pocket, or something), you may want to consider a sportsfishing yacht. Sleek, sporty and ultra-sheik, these babies will turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Bertram 800. Coming from the Bertram family of yachts, one of the premier builders in the world, is the 800, one of their newest sportsfishing yachts and their fleet's biggest. Bertram set out to make a statement with this yacht, the statement being that you can have a fusion of the power and performance in a sportsfishing yacht while still retaining luxury and comfort. Definitely, the epitome of what one of the five best sportsfishing yachts ought to be.
  2. Bertram 360. A direct descendant of the Bertram classic, the 31-footer that put the company on the map, the 360 is in a league of its own. Incomparable to the other boats in the family's fleet, the 360 comes in two models, the Open and the Express. The charm of this yacht is how it seamlessly combines the nimbleness of a smaller craft with, however, all the refinement of a larger one.
  3. Rampage 45 Convertible. From Rampage comes the 45 Convertible, a 45-foot craft with a plethora of features. Hewing closely to the Rampage philosophy of building yachts that are more designed for rugged conditions along the New England coastline, the 45 Convertible comes equipped with fiberglass construction and bi-axial fabric reinforcement. In recent years, Rampage has also turned its attention to making their crafts more comfortable, and the 45 Convertible also comes with its share of comforts like cherry cabinetry and ceramic sinks.
  4. Rampage 30 Express. On the other end of the spectrum of Rampage's fleet sits the compact and lighter weight 30 Express, a yacht designed for sportsfishing with speed. With 60 square feet of usable cockpit area and a bait prep center complete with a nifty sink, the 30 Express does not give up anything in its bid to still demand recognition as a serious sportsfishing yacht.
  5. Cabo 52 Flybridge. Designed to travel farther, stay out longer and fight harder, the 52 Flybridge represents Cabo's ambition to launch a 50-foot yacht that's still a convertible. The Flybridge is also a bruiser, made to cleave through rough seas and move through the water with minimal resistance. However, don't think it's only a workhouse; on the contrary, the interior is luxurious and comfortable, sporting flatscreen TVs and a Bose sound system!
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