5 Best Sports Board Games

Here are the 5 best sports board games on the market. These games are easy to set up and fun to play. They make fun side games at drinking parties for those guests a little less into casual conversation or when having some friends over to watch the big game. These five sports board games are inexpensive, easy to set up and the rules are a cinch.

  1. Circa Classic Baseball: For those who are old enough to remember or into nostalgia, you may recall the arcade games where you shot a pinball down a ramp and you controlled the bat like a flipper in a pinball game. That is what this game is, in a small board set up. All the bases are there, in addition to outs and home runs. It is your skill of tagging the flipper against the field.
  2. Armchair Quarterback: Most football fans are armchair quarterbacks or Monday morning quarterbacks around the office. This game allows you to have your friends over to put their money where their mouth is. The game allows each player to guess the next play and score points based on whether they are right or not and the success of the play. This sports board game adds a bit of fun and competition.
  3. Free Throw: Yes, the popular large arcade game has made it to a smaller in-home sports board game. The object is simple: set the balls and fire off free throws (with your hand), scoring as many as you can in a set time. This is a wild game for drinkers who like to add a little competition to their shots.
  4. Pizza Box Football: This sports board game is a strategy game where you set up your team on the field and call the plays. Cards tell you what happened on each play, so the idea is to outwit your opponent and utilize strategy, because each pile of set cards is limited before you have to turn the ball over. A fun and fast-paced sports board game for those into football a little deeper than the average fan.
  5. Formula D: A fun sports board game for those who want to be a pit crew chief. You use painted cars on a board circuit to race your car. There are special sets of dice to run the race and to deal out damage or pit times. You have your own scorecard to keep track of the condition of your vehicle and driver. You make the call on when and how they push the vehicle and you also pay the price for your mistakes.
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