5 Best Sports Watches With A Stop Watch

The 5 best sports watches with a stopwatch are affordable but durable time pieces. If you are into exercising, are a sports coach or just need a reliable timepiece with a good stopwatch, the consider one of these sports watches with a stopwatch. With name brand manufacturers and years of quality behind them, any of these watches would make a good choice for your sports watch needs.

  1. Casio LWS200 Series The LWS200 series by Casio is a durable sports watch that offers several levels of durability. The solar power cell is shock-resistant and the watch itself is waterproof in up to 50 meters of water. The stopwatch on the LWS200 series is up to one-one hundredth of a second accurate and the watch has 120-lap memory. As of 2010, the LWS200 series of watches had a retail price under $40, which makes it one of the best sports watches with a stopwatch.
  2. WYXT European Watch.When a watch is used as a countdown timepiece in German and English soccer leagues, you know it qualifies as one of the best sports watches with a stopwatch. The WYXT European Watch is powered by a lithium battery and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Not only does it have a reliable stopwatch, you can also set a tone to go off when you have reached pre-determined time point either on the count-up or on a countdown.
  3. Freestyle Rockway The Freestyle Rockway is a men's sports watch with a shock-resistant case and a 50-lap memory for the stopwatch feature. This watch also has some added features such as a 100 meter water depth rating and a night vision backlight for nighttime use. As of 2010, the retail price of less than $25 makes this watch one of the best sports watches with a stopwatch available.
  4. Casio SGW100 Series With a retail price as of 2010 of under $65, the Casio SGW100 series offers features that the serious distance runner would need. On top of a stopwatch feature with an alarm, the SGW100 series also has a temperature and wind direction indicator. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters, which makes it the perfect choice for divers and swimmers.
  5. Ultrack Soccer & Referee Watch A watch with the name "Sports & Referee Watch" would qualify as a sports watch. With a programmable countdown timer and fully functioning stopwatch, this inexpensive but high quality watch from Ultrak qualifies as one of the best sport watches with a stopwatch.
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