5 Best Squash Balls

The 5 best squash balls have many differences to them though they are all great. There are many squash balls to choose from and finding the best one to fit your athletic ability is what is essential to each player. Here is a list of best squash balls:

  1. Wilson Staff squash ball is an overall great purchase for any beginner priced just fewer than seven dollars. For the amateur squash ball player this is a great starter ball because it warms fifty percent faster than most balls, which helps the ball to bounce consistently but still moving slow while playing. The increased durability with this ball makes it a great buy for any beginner or anyone looking not to work as hard to keep the ball warm and bouncy.
  2. Dunlop Competition squash ball is for club players looking for a ball with bounciness to it but offers a slow speed. This squash ball is priced just fewer than five dollars, which is great for any player wanting to cut down on cost of his extracurricular activities. This standard size ball makes the player appreciate the low bounce it offers but at the same time makes him work at getting better with the game.
  3. Dunlop MAX Progress squash ball is a little larger than the standard size squash ball allowing for a twenty percent longer hang-time than any other squash ball in its group. The MAX Progress is for the player that is looking to improve his game at squash. The price for just one ball is under three dollars but well worth it knowing you will get to perfect your technique in using this ball.
  4. Prince Rage Blue Dot squash ball has a softer feel than most ball in its category with a more consistent bounce for the player. Priced just below three dollars this is a great ball for a beginner or someone who is playing on a cold court because of it faster than usual warm up time. The players will notice that there is more spin to this ball giving it a livelier play, which is always good in a game of squash.
  5. Dunlop Pro Green Dot squash ball is for the player that enjoys a slow bounce but wants to play at a higher altitude. Priced just below four dollars this ball works best only when played at high altitudes. This durable ball allows the player who is still looking to improve their technique but at a different court level.
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