5 Best Squash Racket Grip

The 5 best squash racket grips are easy to use and change out if necessary during the game. Though racket grips are easily worn out and need to be replaced often, they are inexpensive so the cost will not bother even the amateur squash player. Here is a list of some squash racket grips that are inexpensive but will provide the grip you are looking for:

  1. Black Knight TUF Replacement Grip allows your hand to feel a contoured 3-D effect allowing for a firmer grip. For the consumer who likes to always have an additional grip available then this is grip will be a great buy because it comes in a pack of two in different colors for just below nine dollars. The sweat absorption on this grip allows the player to have sweaty hands without losing control of the racquet.
  2. Gamma Hi Tec Grip comes in black as well as multiple other colors. Although this grip is synthetic and not leather it provides more cushion than leather and absorbs shock a lot better than most grips whether leather or synthetic.  This grip is reasonably priced just fewer than five dollars, which is price for anyone who enjoys playing squash while on a strict budget.
  3. Karakal Kumfy is a grip that is available in a wide array of colors for the player that feels their racket is a part of their accessories. For the player whose hands get moist during playtime this grip is perfect for you because it has breathing holes to keep your grip a little drier and it comes with a non-slip surface. This grip will cost you about five dollars but the cheap price is definitely not a reflection of the satisfaction you will have when using this grip during a game of squash.
  4. The Wilson Micro Dry Comfort Squash Racket Grip has microfiber materials unlike any other grip so that it is able to absorb moisture and dry faster than its competition. This grip has a comfortable non-slip feel to it thanks to the extra thickness of the material allowing the player to absorb less shock while playing. For the thrifty player who is not willing to pay a lot for a grip knowing that it will eventually wear down over time this grip is reasonably priced at just below five dollars.
  5. The Wilson Pro Overgrip is thinner and less sticky than its competition. The grip will allow the player to have the optimal feel he is looking for when playing squash while not worrying about the racquet slipping from his hand. The best deal when purchasing this grip is that it comes in a pack of threes for just under six dollars or you can purchase a pack of thirty for fewer than forty dollars.
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