5 Best Squash Racket Grips

Make holding your racket easy by using these 5 best squash racket grips. Your squash racket grips can become old with constant use. Replacing your grip is not hard when you have the right product. Here's 5 squash racket grips that are good for the money and easy to put on.

  1. Black Knight TUF Replacement Grips: The Black Knight brand is reasonably priced and comes in blue, gray and black. These racket grips also fit almost all Black Knight squash rackets. They are thicker than most grips and provide an ultimate comfort when in use. Even when you sweat during your game, the outer layer will keep you in control. No more slips from sweaty hands. This model is often sold in a two-pack.
  2. Wilson Replacement Grip: Wilson makes all types of products including squash racket grips. The Wilson grip comes in a one-pack both online and in stores. The grip features a soft, high-performance material that's great for fast games. Suggested retail prices range from $4.99 to $9 depending on where you shop.
  3. GAMMA Ultra Cushion Contour Grips: These racket grips are designed for a perfect fit. You'll be in control of your game no matter how hard you play. This product has perforations that absorb moisture. The material is made of a special cushion that makes gripping easy on the hands. GAMMA comes in all black and is sold mostly online.
  4. Prince More Air+: This squash racket grip is made with a specialized material that provides circulation when you play. It keeps the grip dry even when you're extra sweaty. Prince More is narrower and shorter than most racket grips. Most retailers sell this grip for under $2.
  5. Karakal Kumfy: Karakal comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from yellow, black, blue or vibrant red. It features small breathing holes to allow for maximum grip control. These holes also absorb moisture. The self-adhesive backing is easy to put on any squash racket. Karakal Kumfy's tapered design gives your racket a neat appearance. This model usually runs around $5 online.
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