5 Best Squash Racket Head

Squash pros generally don’t have problems choosing and naming the 5 best squash racket heads.  After all, they know what they like.  But for the hapless beginners, finding the best squash racket might just prove taxing.  Manufacturers seem to have it in their heads to keep “modifying” and “improving” squash rackets in tune with new technology.  But take it to mind that what’s new usually goes with higher price. Nevertheless, we have taken the effort to give you the 5 best squash racket heads so you won’t have to think about it:

  1. Dunlop Hot Melt Pro– With a head size of 470 square meters and weigh at 135 grams, this is most definitely a racket for beginners and pros alike.  The Hot Melt is an all time favorite as well as a top seller making it one of our 5 Best Squash Racket Heads.
  2. Prince 03 Speedport– Well, if you are brand conscious and would rather have a Prince squash racket rather than a Dunlop, this gives you almost the same deal as the Hot Melt Pro—same head size specs, same weight, same price.  The difference? Well, you could just buy both brands (use the other as a spare) and find out for yourself. They are both on our 5 Best Squash Racket Heads so it’s no biggie if you want them both.
  3. Harrow Vapor – If you opt for a heavier racket, the 140 gram Vapor is a perfect choice.  That is, if you are willing to pay for its heavier price.  Then again, price should not be a yardstick when you want the best Squash Racket Head.
  4. Wilson nCode Nrage– Even heavier than the Harrow vapor is the 150 gram Wilson nCode Nrage.  Strength and stability are among its best features and it is also made using a nanotechnology process exclusive to Wilson rackets.  And just for your information, tour pro Graham Ryding loves this racket, making it one of the 5 Best Squash Racket Head today. 
  5. Head Liquidmetal 120– Although a bit heavy on the head, the Liquidmetal 120 from Head is still lightweight at 120 grams.  The racket head is composed of graphite with its Liquidmetal signature to four areas in the racket head.  Why is it one of our 5 Best Squash Racket Heads? Accordingly, this technologically advanced racket head minimizes, if not eliminate energy loss when the squash player strikes the ball.  
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