5 Best Star Wars Costume Patterns

If you want to make a Star Wars costume then you are going to going to need a good pattern, which means that you should get one of these five best Star Wars costume patterns to start. With one of those on your side, you will be able to easily make the costume that you need. Any one of these Star Wars costume patterns will give you what you need right now.

  1. Simplicity 5840 Star Wars Jedi Cloak Tunic Costume Cosplay Pattern. No matter which Jedi you long to be, you will need a robe. This pattern can give you what you need to be everything from Master Yoda to young Skywalker.
  2. Costume Pattern Star Wars More Simplicity 0644. This one great looked great in episodes two and three on Skywalker, and it comes complete with a Padme if you happen to have talked someone else into doing this with you as a couple.
  3. Star Wars Costume Pattern Jedi Sith Darth Maul Obi Wan Robes McCalls 2433. This is a great one if you want to be a Sith lord. We all know that Darth Maul is a badass, but you can also use this pattern if you want to play the budding young Sith lord in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed."
  4. Butterick's Darth Vader costume pattern 5176. Darth Vader has been one of the most popular costumes of the last few decades. If you want to make your own Vader, then this is the pattern you want. It is the best Vader on the market.
  5. Vintage McCall's 7772 Kids Star Wars Pattern. This is a full set of vintage patterns, which means that you may need to work a bit harder to get it, but it has all of the classic cast patterns. Yes, it's for kids, but let's be honest. They do a fair amount of the costume wearing.

With these five Star Wars costume patterns, you will  be able to create a fantasy world of fun.



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