5 Best Stephen Colbert Moments

Stephen Colbert is perhaps one of the funniest men on TV today, so it's not an easy task to pick the 5 Best Stephen Colbert Moments. He is not only a hilarious comedian, but a master of viral promotions, often coming up with campaigns that result in him getting plastered all over the internet. From hi-tech challenges to dance rivalries to mistletoe mishaps, here are the 5 best Stephen Colbert moments.

  1. I Have a Dreamsicle. In a touching and hilarious tribute to the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Colbert signed off one night in 2006 with a parody of the civil rights leader's most famous speech. His brilliant analogies comparing race relations to a frozen frosty treat quickly became one of the 5 best Stephen Colbert moments. Colbert pontificated, "Look at the way the white and the orange are working together, side by side in harmony… I have a dreamsicle.
  2. A Colbert Christmas! The Greatest Gift of All. In 2008, Stephen Colbert's first holiday special aired, becoming one of the 5 best Stephen Colbert moments. His parody of the Bing Crosby and Carpenter's-style Christmas specials of days gone by came complete with Willie Nelson dressed as a shepherd singing "Little Dealer Boy," John Legend's homage to the spice "Nutmeg," and John Stewart's attempt to convert Colbert in "Can I Interest You in Hannukah?" Add in tacky mistletoe jokes, a talking bear, and Elvis Costello, and it's no wonder the soundtrack CD won the 2010 Grammy for Best Comedy Album.
  3. Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge. In 2006, Colbert was shot wielding a "Star Wars" lightsaber while standing, jumping, and rolling around in front of a green screen. He then challenged his viewers to create videos using the footage. The entries ranged from Colbert severing Darth Maul's head to Colbert opening a stuck door for President George Bush to an infinite number of Colbert's dueling with themselves. The challenge culminated in George Lucas submitting a version and appearing on the show to create one of the 5 best Stephen Colbert moments of all time.
  4. Rock and Awe: Countdown to Guitarmageddon. In what seemed like a brazen effort to steal Colbert's Green Screen Challenge concept, indie rock band the Decemberists started their own viewer compositing campaign. Colbert caught wind of the concept theft and what happened next became one of the 5 best Stephen Colbert moments. The band challenged the fake news host to a guitar duel. Decemberists' guitarist Chris Funk came on the show on December 20, 2006,   for the shred-off. Funk was up first and laid down a respectable showing. Colbert took the stage next, carrying a five-necked guitar on loan from Cheap Trick's Rick Neilsen. He let out two glorious notes before "slashing" his hand on the guitar and calling for immediate medical attention. Peter Frampton stepped up as pinch-guitarist to finish the competition. When the judges' votes were tabulated, it was revealed to be a deadlock. Henry Kissinger was brought in as the tie-breaker. Henry declared the people had won. Colbert received the Decemberists' new album "The Crane Wife" as his prize.
  5. Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert's String Dance Off. In early 2009, Colbert announced on his show that he had stolen Conan O'Brien's invisible props from his legendary string dance. A few weeks later, Conan was doing one of his last shows before his now ill-fated move from "Late Night" to "The Tonight Show" and had a surprise guest. The evil string thief showed up, resulting in another of the 5 best Stephen Colbert moments. Colbert challenged Conan to a string dance-off. While Conan, inventor of the dance move that's sweeping the nation, held his own, Colbert took it one step further moving his eye-brows and feet, ultimately defeating O'Brien at as his own game.



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