5 Best Sterling Silver Pocket Watch

It is easy for a man to add a little style and sophistication to his wardrobe with one of the 5 best sterling silver pocket watches. Perhaps you plan to use the pocket watch yourself, or give it as a give to a close friend or loved one. The pocket watch is becoming quite a popular accessory among younger men and may be the item of choice to pass down from generation to generation.

  1. The Charles-Hubert Satin Sterling Silver Pocket Watch. This is a mechanical watch that must be wound up daily to maintain time. It features a shock protected mechanical movement piece with Breguet hands and a roman numeral dial. The inside circular section of the pocket watch is made with glass crystal allowing you to see the intricate details of the inside of the watch. The watch comes with a sterling silver chain, a gift box, and a lifetime warranty.
  2. The Euro Geneve Sterling Silver Pocket Watch. This is an exquisite pocket watch that any man would appreciate. The case, band, and bezel material are all sterling silver. The chain that comes with the pocket watch is unique. While most pocket watches have a simplistic looking chain, this one comes with a sterling silver Waldemar Curb link watch chain.
  3. The Aerowatch Men’s Mechanical 925 Sterling Silver Pocket Watch. Aero is a company that specializes in pocket watches. The 925 pocket watch is hand assembled and 100% Swiss made. It comes with an engraving shield which is a bonus feature if you plan to give it as a gift. The dial is white and has roman numerals. It also features a sub sweep second hand where the roman numeral six would have been placed.
  4. The Colibri Lunar Pocket Watch. If you are a man who prefers a sterling silver pocket watch that offers a simplistic style, then the Calibri is the perfect watch for you. The Arabic dial markings along with the three-hand quartz movement makes this a watch easy to read. The exterior casing has a small design on the outer edge with the center left blank and smooth.
  5. The Jean Marcel Sterling Silver Pocket Watch. The pocket watches that are made by Jean Marcel are known to be of heirloom quality. They are made in Switzerland and offer a two year warranty. The sterling silver pocket watch is slightly larger than most watches. It is 51 millimeters wide and 70 millimeters tall. This is a fabulous watch for any father or grandfather who wishes to pass it down to future generations.
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