5 Best Stomach Flu Remedies

Follow the list of five best stomach fly remedies and you'll be well on your way to health and happiness. The stomach flu can come with a few different symptoms such as headache, vomiting, diarrhea and of course nausea. The good news is that there are stomach flu remedies available to help you feel better in no time, given that the illness isn’t something more serious. Here are the five best stomach flu remedies on the market:

1. Rehydrate Yourself. With the stomach flu comes dehydration so one of the most important stomach flu remedies is to drink lots of fluids, particularly water, but which can include broth and sports drinks drinks that contain electrolytes.

2. Remember to eat. Believe it or not, one of the most simple, but effective, stomach flu remedies is to eat food that’s easily digestible. Think bananas, apples, soup and crackers, not burgers, fries and pasta.

3. Get some rest. Don’t get out of bed. Plenty of rest is the only way your body can get enough energy to fight off the virus, so it’s yet another of the stomach flu remedies not to be ignored.

4. Relax with a bath. Sleeping isn’t always an option when you’re sick, you can only do so much of it so a great way to relax is to take a bath and it’s one of the fun stomach flu remedies on the list.

5. Wash your hands. Keep your germs at bay so you can get better quicker and you can keep others in your house safe from getting stomach flu as well. Maybe they will thank you by bringing you breakfast in bed! But remember to wash your hands before you eat!



Stomach flu remedies


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