5 Best Straight Razor Shaving Sets

Whether you are looking for yourself or a gift for the man in your life, any one of the 5 best straight razor shaving sets would be a great choice. Shaving with a straight razor is making a come back as many shaving companies have seen sales increase over the past few years. Most shaving sets that are made with superior craftsmanship, such as the ones listed, will retail between $200 and $300.   

  1. Thiers Issard 7-Piece Straight Razor Shaving Set. This is a great shaving set that includes a 6/8 inch carbon steel with ¾ ground Jaguar straight razor, a paddle strop, a shaving brush and dish, as well as soap, a tube of stropping paste, and a storage case. Complete instructions are included for sharpening the razor as needed.
  2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Friodur Straight Razor Shaving Set. This set is for the man who is looking for a stylish razor set with the craftsmanship that only the Amish can provide. The Latigo Strop is made by the Amish and combined with the 5/8 inch hollow ground blade. The company also offers both the factory edge and the pre-honed edge to their customers.
  3. Dovo C-Mon Straight Razor Set. The Dovo Company has been providing men with shaving products since 1906. They are definitely a leader in the industry. The C-Mon set includes a 5/8 inch high carbon, full hollow razor and a badger shaving brush and stand. The hanging strop is made of linen and leather, and comes with a shaving mug and a variety of soap scent choices.
  4. RoyalShave Beginner 6-Piece Straight Razor Shaving Set. If you are new to shaving with a straight razor, you should start with the proper accessories. This set provides you with a Eucalyptus shaving soap for a full lather, a 5/8 inch carbon steel razor for easy control as well as a badger brush and a drip stand. The Russian leather strop and paste will help you keep your razor sharp and polished.
  5. Kamisori Teuton Straight Razor Shaving Set. This straight razor is hand crafted from Swedish carbon steel. It features a 5/8 inch ground with a round point. The set includes a badger brush made from 100% badger bristles and a sharpening stone. The high quality pieces of this set will last a lifetime.
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